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Jarara provides a range of programs and services to support and assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, their families and the wider community.

The Jarara team contribute a variety of learning experiences that builds confidence in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and their families to develop skills and knowledge to assist future generations. There is a special emphasis on developing awareness of the contribution that traditional Aboriginal people make to developing meaning and purpose in all our lives.

Programs Services

Specific programs have been developed to assist student outcomes.

  • Bridging the Gap
  • EMU – Extending Mathematical Understanding
  • Home Reading program
  • Jarara Awards Evenings
  • Jarara Learning Centre
  • Literacy Pathways
  • Pause Prompt and Praise program
  • Reading Recovery
  • (Residential) Leadership Workshops


Jarara also provide a wide range of services for the Aboriginal and wider community.

  • Family and community liaison
  • Advocating on behalf of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families within Government and Non-Government organisations
  • Liaising between schools, wider community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait carers/families.
  • Assist in the transition between school and career pathways.
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