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Vision Statement


We believe that all cultural differences are to be valued and are a rich resource to learn from. An appreciation of these differences is fundamental to building relationships. We believe that a high self esteem and sense of identity are vital for the effective learning and personal growth of Aboriginal students.

Therefore we aim to:

  • provide in partnership with schools, learning experiences which help build cultural awareness
  • promote co-operative learning and build a welcoming community which is open
  • create a sense of community through shared celebrations of significant events: spiritual, cultural and personal
  • build a support environment that encourages children to take risks and be proud of their cultural heritage

Our program aims to contribute a variety of learning experiences that will build confidence in students as Aboriginal people with the skills and knowledge to participate fully on building a better Australian society. There will be a special emphasis on developing an awareness of the contribution that traditional Aboriginal spirituality can make to develop meaning and purpose in their lives.

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